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Introducing Council Tax Support

Last Modified March 16, 2015

If your household has a low income, you may be entitled to a reduction in the amount of Council Tax you have to pay.

This is called Council Tax Support.

What should I do next?

If you are on a low income and feel you may be entitled to help with your Council Tax, you should contact our benefit office without delay.

When will my award start if I make a succesful claim?

A Council Tax Support award will usually start from the Monday after the date the claim form is recieved in the benefits office.

Discretionary Payments

When an award of Council Tax Support has been made, it is likely that your full Council Tax liability will not be met. Hertsmere Borough Council have set aside a sum of money in 2015/16 to provide assistance to claimants who are struggling to pay their assessed share of the Council Tax for their home. If you would like to apply for additional financial help from this scheme, please contact the Benefit Office without delay. We will normally ask you to complete a short application form in which we will ask you to list not only your income, but also your expenses and whether your current financial circumstances are perhaps unusual or special. Each request will be considered on its merits and in accordance with our Discretionary Financial Assistance Policy and as such there is no guarantee that every application will be successful.

You can also get money advice from Hertfordshire County Council.


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