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Commercial waste - collections and bins

Last Modified April 07, 2015

We can provide waste collections for your trade premises. We will collect anything that is not classified as hazardous waste.

How much does it cost?

For the year 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2026. Prices do not include VAT. An administration charge of £10 will be included in the annual invoice.


240 litre bin240 litre
One-off purchase: £37
Annual collection charge: £137.07
Annual landfill charge per collection: £65.19






660 litre bin660 litre
Annual rental: £64.99
Annual collection charge: £376.45
Annual landfill charge per collection: £179.25






1100 litre bin1100 litre
Annual rental: £66.34
Annual collection charge: £626.76
Annual landfill charge per collection: £298.74






Please note: A delivery charge of £50 plus VAT will apply to containers which are removed and replaced due to non-payment or absence of a current transfer note.

Discount is available on the collection charge only for multiple 660 litre and 1100 litre bins:

  • 5 + bins = 3% discount
  • 10 + bins = 20% discount
  • 15 + bins = 30% discount 

We also provide one-off collections of excess waste or bulky items for an extra charge.

For more information, or to order a trade waste pack, please contact us. Alternatively please read our contract guidance notes then download a contract application form and return it to Street Scene Services.


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