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Health and Wellbeing in Hertsmere

Last Modified March 23, 2015

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 requires Hertfordshire County Council and its partners to engage with emerging Clinical Commissioning Groups and transfer public health functions to the county council.

Since 1 April 2013, Hertfordshire County Council has been tasked with coordinating the local NHS, social care, children’s services and public health through new Health and Wellbeing Boards. In Hertfordshire, a shadow board began meeting in July 2011 to prepare for its new responsibilities.

Hertfordshire's Health and Wellbeing Strategy 'Healthier people, healthier communities' was launched in February 2013. You can find out more about Health in Herts and watch a brief film about the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Help to stop smoking

Did you know cigarettes actually rot your body from the inside?

New research reveals that poisons in tobacco smoke break down the body’s main systems, damaging your brain, teeth, eyes, bones and muscles. A powerful new anti-smoking campaign launched by Public Health England, and supported by the borough council and Hertfordshire County Council, highlights this deterioration and degeneration of the body caused by a process similar to rotting. So with two-thirds of smokers saying they want to quit and New Year’s resolutions being made, look no further, help is here.

Your local Stop Smoking Service has been developed by experts and ex-smokers, and with their support you are up to four times more likely to quit than if you choose to go it alone. In fact nine out of 10 smokers who have used their local NHS Stop Smoking Service would recommend it.

For free, friendly, specialist advice about quitting, contact Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service:

Herts Healthy Homes

Herts Healthy Homes is a year round seasonal project delivered through local partnerships with a focus on social & environmental factors within the home that impact upon health and wellbeing of vulnerable people in the community.

They provide home visits and support with:

  •  Staying well and active
  •  Paying bills and budget
  •  Draught proofing and emergency heaters
  •  Fire safety and home security checks


If you, or someone you know needs help or support to stay healthy and well at home call Herts Help on 0300 123 4044 and quote ‘Home 1.’ Or for more information visit Herts Help.

Do Someting Different in Herts

Do Something Different in Herts is a range of programmes designed to improve your health, weight, stress and happiness.

The idea is that rather than thinking or learning about a change in your lifestyle, you follow a series of Do's that will help you to make the change in small manageable steps.

These programmes are free for anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Hertfordshire, but hurry: there are only a limited number of places available.



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