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Affordable home ownership

Last Modified October 27, 2014

Home ownership provides long term security, offers you more control over your own housing and can be an investment for you and your family. Property prices in Hertfordshire are high and this is why the Government has developed a range of low cost schemes to help you.

The detail of each scheme varies. Up-to-date information about schemes that are currently available can be found by contacting Lea Valley Homes, the Homebuy Agent for Hertfordshire.

Lea Valley Homes manage the waiting list for all the various affordable housing schemes and you will need to register with them to be considered for properties.  Visit Lea Valley Homes for more information, call 01582 869440 or email leavalleyhomes@aldwyck.co.uk

The Local Authority Mortgage Scheme (LAMS)

The council has joined a national scheme that helps first time buyers buy their first home. The scheme is called the Local Authority Mortgage Scheme (LAMS) and is available to first time buyers who can afford mortgage repayments and have a 5% deposit but do not have the larger deposit now required by many mortgage lenders.

The scheme allows us to support first time buyers through the provision of a financial indemnity so that a 95% mortgage can be obtained on a similar interest rate to a 75% mortgage.

For help, or to apply call Lloyds on 07515 096 203.


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