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Housing Standards

Last Modified December 03, 2012

Housing Standards



The Housing Act 2004 gives local authorities the power to enforce housing standards across the borough. Landlords must ensure that their rented properties meet this standard which is described in the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. Failure to comply with the act may lead to criminal prosecution.

My property is in disrepair what can I do?

You should contact the private sector housing team to discuss the nature of the problem. If the problem falls under the jurisdiction of the Housing Act 2004 the housing officer will inspect the property to assess the condition.

What can the council do?

If the housing inspector is satisfied that the property does not meet the conditions laid out in the Housing Act 2004 they will begin to resolve the issue with the person responsible for repairs. In most cases the disrepair issues can be resolved by informal contact such as a letter or telephone call to the landlord or agent. If however, the informal approach fails, then the council may serve a notice which requires work to be carried out within a set timescale. The notice will be in line with Hertsmere’s Private Housing Enforcement Policy.

Failure to comply with the terms of a notice is a criminal offence and the council may prosecute.

Will the council re-house me whilst the repairs are being carried out?

No, the council will always seek to have repairs carried out so that the occupiers can continue to live in the property.

What should I do now?

If you feel that your home is in disrepair please contact the private sector team to discuss this further on 020 8207 2277

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