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Private Sector Leasing Scheme

Last Modified April 17, 2015

Our Private Sector Leasing Scheme - called Hertsmere Homes - offers landlords a stress-free guaranteed income for their properties. The scheme is offered in association with Genesis  who are market leaders in the provision of housing and tenant management.

Landlords can sign up to a three or five year leasing agreement, during which they will receive a guaranteed income every month whether or not there is a tenant in the property. 

Landlords will need to bring their property up to Genesis’ rental standard before the lease is signed and they will remain responsible for certain costs, which are detailed in the Landlord Property Standards brochure and Landlord leasing Scheme Information Brochure.

If landlords do not have the funds to bring their properties up to the letting standards, or if they are not able to fund repairs during the lease, Genesis can carry out these works and deduct the cost from the monthly landlord income.

For further details about this scheme contact Andy Chittenden in our Housing Department.


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