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Last Modified April 08, 2015

allotmentAllotments are great ways to provide low cost food, as well as offering recreational and social opportunities, providing habitats for many forms of wildlife.

We have five allotment sites – three in Bushey and two in Potters Bar - available for public rent.

Please note: the Merry Hill Road allotment site in Bushey currently has a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please contact us on 020 8207 7497.

Allotment sizes and fees:
A half plot is 126.5 metres sq (5 poles): £30 per year
A standard plot is 253 metres sq (10 poles): £50 per year 


Bushey Allotments

Finch Lane - Bushey

  • A 2.43 hectare (6-acre) site with 74 plots 
  • Water standpipes
  • Hard standing car park
  • Secure gates and fencing
  • Sensitively managed wildlife area
  • Native laid hedge  


Merry Hill Road - Bushey

  • A 5.06 hectare (12.5-acre) site with 50.25 plots
  • Bushey Horticultural Society trading hut
  • Water standpipes 
  • Hard standing car park  


Windmill Lane - Bushey

  • A 1.62 hectare (4-acre) site with 41 plots 
  • Split into three areas 
  • Main area entrance in Windmill Lane. Other entrance from Clay Lane (next to park)
  • Water standpipes
  • New gates and fence around perimeter


Potters Bar Allotments

Elmfield Road, Aberdale Gardens - Potters Bar

  • A 0.4 hectare (1-acre) site with 12.5 plots 
  • Water standpipes
  • Secure fence around perimeter  


Kimptons Mead - Potters Bar 

  • A 1 hectare (2.5-acre) site with 17 plots
  • On-site water
  • New gates and fence around perimeter 
  • Wildlife site bordering with allotment
  • Native species hedge planted


Contact us

For further details about these allotment sites please contact Jonathan Hawes on 020 8207 7497. 


Parish councils and Allotment Associations are responsible for other allotments in Hertsmere. You can contact them direct: 

Elstree & Borehamwood Town Council
Tel: 020 8207 1382

Shenley Parish Council
Tel: 01923 855865
Email: clerk@shenleyvillage.org

Aldenham Parish Council - Radlett
Tel: 01923 856433


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