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Current Local Plan (2003)

Last Modified September 29, 2014

Until our New Local Plan is completed we will continue to use our saved policies from the Local Plan 2003 to assess planning applications.

The New Local Plan currently consists of the Core Strategy 2013.
We have produced a Draft Site Allocations and Development Management Polices document which has been out for an initial phase of consultation and is not yet in use in the determination of planning applications. Together these two documents will form the New Local Plan which will replace the Local Plan 2003.

Local Plan - saved policies

The Core Strategy January 2013 was adopted at a Full Council meeting on 16 January 2013. The document now forms part of the Development Plan and is used in the determination of all planning applications registered on or after 17 January 2013. Read the Schedule of Local Plan 2003 policies that were not saved.

Local Plan 2003

We have a statutory duty to guide development within our borough and use a number of policies and guides to do so.

The Local Plan contains policies relating to a number of important issues including the Green Belt, housing, employment and transport.

Local Plan - proposals maps

Our maps below provide some guidance as to the areas in which Local Plan Policies are applied. Please note that these maps do not represent the definitive Local Plan Proposals Map as their resolution is lower, and therefore they do show as much detail..

The map sections cover:

A. Radlett, Aldenham, Letchmore Heath, Munden & North Bushey

B. Bushey, Bushey Heath & Elstree Shenley Road shopping parade in Borehamwood, looking west towards All Saints Church

C. Shenley, Ridge & South Mimms

D. Borehamwood & Dyrham Park

E. Potters Bar, Bentley Heath & Wrotham Park

F. Coursers Road & Tyttenhanger

Map Key

Please note: Due to their scale, these maps are provided for indicative purposes only and should not be viewed as definitive. No conclusions as to the policies affecting a particular area of land should be drawn without reference to the detailed Local Plan maps. We cannot be held responsible for any incorrect interpretation arising from viewing these plans.

A full set of the detailed map / plan appendices can be bought for £10 (plus £1 postage and packaging) per set. Please contact us if you would like a set. Due to file sizes, it is not possible to provide these here or via email.

Planning policies - environmental issues

We are committed to sustainable development through the Local Agenda 21 process in which we continuously improve our services, policies and practices to contribute to a better quality of life for everyone now, and for future generations.

Rural development fields near South Mimms with oilseed rape

 All of Hertsmere’s land outside of the main towns is in the Green Belt. Although there is a need to support the diversification of the rural economy, it is essential to ensure that the open nature, visual qualities and other important attributes of the Green Belt are maintained.

Government policy on rural development is outlined in the National Planning Policy Framework. The Core Strategy and 2003 Local Plan contain policies guiding development in the countryside.

Supplementary Planning Documents and Supplementary Planning Guidance

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) support specific policies in the Core Strategy. The Secretary of State will give substantial weight to SPDs in making decisions that come before him where that SPD derives out of, and is consistent with, the development plan and has been prepared in a proper manner. Our SPDs are prepared in consultation with the general public and other interested parties and their views are taken into account before a final version is adopted. Any SPDs which are at the consultation stage are published on our Planning Consultations page.

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) supplements specific policies in the Local Plan 2003 and may be taken into account as a material consideration when planning applications are determined.

Where relevant, these will continue to be a material consideration in the assessment of planning applications until they are replaced by SPDs.
Read more about the Council's SPDs, SPG and Planning Briefs.

Mineral planning

Minerals are an essential part of our day-to-day to lives. The bricks in our homes, the pavements in our towns and the shops we visit all rely on minerals in their construction. Demand for minerals places extra pressure on our local environment.

Hertfordshire County Council is the Minerals Planning Authority. The Minerals Local Plan aims to strike a balance between society's needs for minerals and the need to protect our local environment.

Further information on minerals can be found within the National Planning Policy Framework  (2012) and the online National Planning Practice Guidance (introduced 2014) from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Waste planning

Hertfordshire County Council is the Waste Planning Authority and is required under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to prepare a Waste Local Plan.

This is a statutory plan that addresses the land-use aspects of waste management. It deals with all waste managed in its area, including that generated by businesses and the construction industry in addition to what is produced by households.

The plan will seek to balance the need to establish waste management facilities with the need to protect the environment.

Further information on planning and waste management can be found in Planning Policy Statement 10: Planning for Waste Management (from the Department for Communities and Local Government).


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