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Consultation on planning policy documents

Last Modified April 21, 2015

We consult the public on a wide variety of new planning policy documents, and welcome your comments on proposed new policy and policy guidance. Details of current, upcoming and recent consultations can be found on this page.

Our Development Management Team handle all planning applications, and consult the occupiers of properties that immediately neighbour planning application sites. You can view and comment on a planning application on the Development Management Team pages.

To comment on any open consultation or to register your details for future consultations, please write to our Planning Policy Team at our main offices, or email local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk.

Current consultations

There are no current consultations.

Past Consultations

Consultation: Updates to the List of Locally Important Buildings

Consultation Dates: 14 February 2015 to 14 March 2015

Consultation Status: Closed

Locally listed buildings are important buildings or structures of historical, or architectural, interest to the local community. Although they may not be of sufficient merit statutory listing by English Heritage, they can still have an important role in defining the character and appearance of an area. This list is updated from time to time, and we are now consulting people on the buildings which we are planninh to add to and remove from the list.

Find out more and view the revised List of Locally Important Buildings.

Consultation: Draft Appendix to Planning and Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document Part E: Guidelines for Residential Extensions and Alterations

Consultation Dates: 30 October 2014 to 11 December 2014 at 5pm

Consultation Status: Closed

The appendix to the existing SPD sets out additional, more detailed guidance for garage conversions where planning permission is required.

Find out more and view the Draft Appendix A to the SPD.

Consultation: Draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

Consultation Dates: 29 September 2014 to 10 November 2014 at 5pm

Consultation Status: Closed

Find out more and view the Draft Affordable Housing SPD.

Hertsmere Borough Council has prepared a new draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to replace the previous document which was adopted in 2008. The SPD has been approved for public consultation and interim use in the determination of planning applications from 29 September 2014.

The purpose of this SPD is to provide clear policy advice to ensure the delivery of affordable homes in the Borough. Since the previous SPD was adopted, there have been significant changes in national and local planning policy, together with changes to the way Affordable Housing is funded and a series of welfare reforms.

Consultation: Draft Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Consultation Dates March 2014 to 14 April 2014

Consultation Status: Closed

The Site Allocations and Development Management Policies document (SADM for short) will form part of Hertsmere’s new Local Plan, and will therefore be part of the development plan for the borough up to 2027.

The SADM has two main purposes:

(1) to define sites and areas for specific purposes; and

(2) to provide environmental criteria, against which development proposals and planning applications can be judged.

We asked for comments on a draft version of the SADM. Further information and the relevant documents can be found on the SADM webpage.

The SADM will follow the Core Strategy and provides more detail for sites and policy areas (such as the Green Belt and town centres) and more detail to guide development.

The Core Strategy was adopted by the council in January 2013. This sets out how we will accommodate future housing, economic development needs and community facilities and protect the environment. We are committed to provide 4,000 new homes over 15 years between 2012 and 2027 along with supporting jobs and infrastructure, and this draft plan sets out how this will be achieved.

Consultation: Draft Revised Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document

Consultation Dates: 9 December 2013 to 20 January 2014

Consultation Status: Closed

A draft revised Parking Standards SPD has been published for consultation and agreed for interim use in the determination of all planning applications registered on or after 9 December 2013.

Draft Revised Car Parking Standards SPD

Draft Revised Car Parking Standards SPD (tracked changes version)

Covering letter

Statement of representations

Consultation statement

The main changes relate to off-street parking requirements for some new residential development, the provision of electric charging points and to reflect recent changes to legislation and other policies, including those set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (2012), Hertsmere Parking Management Strategy (2012) and the Hertsmere Core Strategy (2013). The changes have been made on a ‘track changes’ basis to enable the alterations to be more easily identified.

Please note that the Accessibility Zones are unchanged from the current adopted Parking Standards SPD.

Consultation: Neighbourhood Plan Are Boundary - Radlett

Consultation Dates: Wednesday 20 November 2013 and Wednesday 8 January 2014.

Consultation Status: Closed

Aldenham Parish Council has formally submitted an application for the designation of a neighbourhood area for the purposes of Section 61G (2) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended by the Localism Act 2011.

We publicised Aldenham Parish Council’s submission and asked for views and representations for a period of six weeks.

The application and all relevant information can be found on the Neighbourhood Planning webpage.

For more information about the neighbourhood plan please email the Planning Policy & Transport Team on

local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk or call on 0208 207 2277.

Consultation: Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule

Consultation Dates: From 26 July to 5pm 6 September 2013

Consultation Status: Closed

We published a draft charging schedule for consultation from 26 July 2013 to 6 September 2013. The consultation has now closed and we are preparing to submit a Draft Charging Schedule for Examination. However, you can still download the draft charging schedule and the supporting evidence base documents here

Consultation: Draft Bushey Heath High Road Conservation Area Appraisal

We have undertaken a review of the Bushey Heath High Road Conservation Area. The report recommends the de-designation of the Conservation Area together with some alternative forms of protecting the character of the area. Before any changes are considered we would like to hear from local residents, businesses and anyone else who has an interest in the Conservation Area and its future development.

Consultation Dates: From 17 June to 5pm 29 July 2013

Consultation Status: Closed

Consultation: Draft Revised Statement of Community Involvement

Consultation Dates: From 29 May to 5pm 12 July 2013

Consultation Status: Closed

Consultation: Green Spaces and Minor Amenity Land Assessment

High quality green space has a positive impact on the urban environment. Green spaces of different sizes and types provide ‘green lungs’ to an urban area, assisting with nature conservation, biodiversity and improvements to air quality. The assessment looks at these aspects for future planning policy. We invite comments on particular sites identified in the assessment, using the response form below.


Consultation Dates: 19 February to 9 March 2013.
Consultation Status: Closed

Consultation: Planning and Design Guide Part D: Guidelines for Development - draft for public consultation

The draft document has been prepared in order to update the 2006 version with current best practice guidance so that we can improve the design standards of new development throughout the borough.
The main changes relate to new internal space standards, new amenity space standards for flats and 1 bed houses and new guidance on garden land development although there are a number of smaller changes as well. 

Consultation Dates: 23 January to 8 March 2013 
Consultation Status: Closed


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