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Other Planning Documents and Reports

Last Modified May 23, 2014

We have published a number of documents to help you in the planning process.

Development Economics study - the DES was undertaken in conjunction with St Albans District Council and
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council to examine the opportunities to deliver affordable housing in each of the local authority areas, taking into account future policy objectives.

Elstree Way Local Development Order (LDO) - Elstree Way in Borehamwood is subject to a Local Development Order (LDO) which was adopted to extend permitted development rights in the area

Interim Technical Note on Waste Storage Requirements - updated in May 2014, this guidance note sets out guidance on the Council’s current requirements for waste and recycling storage provision at new developments. It covers the volume of waste storage space that would be required for a new development and offers additional guidance on design for bin storage areas.

Streetscape Manual - To help deliver improvements to the quality of Hertsmere’s town, district and front cover of the Streetscape manualshopping centres. It provides practical, local guidance for those responsible for the different parts of the public realm, and osupports improvements to these areas help to improve the overall vitality of town centres in the borough.

Standard Conditions, Reasons and Informatives - the standard conditions set out in this booklet are designed to assist planning officers in dealing with applications in an efficient and consistent manner.

Town Centres and Shopping retail study - the purpose of the study was to evaluate the health of the six existing town and district centres, to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan, and to assist in the assessment of planning applications and proposals for retail development in the future.


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