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Development Management

Last Modified June 06, 2013

To many people, planLime Tree Close Busheyning means the control of development through the planning application system.

However, it is much more than a process of control governed by a set of rules, which is why it is known as development management.

Our Development Management section is responsible for considering planning applications, taking enforcement action where breaches of control have occurred, administering the appeals process and providing information and advice about the planning system in general.

The system seeks to guide appropriate development to the right place and prevent development which is not acceptable. It is a means for securing sustainable development which provides homes, jobs and services such as roads and schools while protecting and enhancing the best of our urban and rural environment.

We work closely with those proposing developments and other stakeholders.

Planning permission is not always required for every single piece of development, or it could come under what is known as permitted development - i.e. development that is allowed.

NOTE:  The Government made a number of changes to permitted development rights in May 2013, including new rules to allow more flexibility for retail units, office buildings to be converted to residential use without planning permission and increased limits for householder extensions. There are also new processes for dealing with proposals.

These pages provide information on all aspects of the development management process and our services, including:

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If you have any questions about planning you can contact our duty planning officer during office hours at our main offices or email planning@hertsmere.gov.uk.



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