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Listed building consent

Last Modified December 11, 2014

Applications for Listed Building Consent (LBC) can take up to eight weeks for us to determine. There is no fee payable and there is a right of appeal against a refusal. 

It is essential you have been granted LBC consent before starting any work to a listed building or curtilage listed structure / building. There are penalties for altering or demolishing a listed building without consent. A fine of up to £20,000 or six months imprisonment in a Magistrates Court, with a possible two years imprisonment on indictment, or a fine without limit, or both, can be imposed.

Please note that Listed Building Consent is not Planning Permission of Building Regulations Approval.

When is consent required?

Once a building is listed, consent is required for its demolition - in whole or in part - and for any alteration or extensions which would affect its character, unless it is like-for-like works. Consent will be required for a building that is subject to a Building Preservation Notice (BPN). We may serve a BPN as a temporary safeguard if we believe an unlisted building of special architectural or historic interest is in danger of demolition or alteration that would affect its character.

The list of historic buildings approved by the Secretary of State includes a description of each building (see English Heritage). This is principally to aid identification. List descriptions are not intended to provide a comprehensive or exclusive record of all the features of importance, and the amount of information given varies considerably. If a feature (whether internal or external) is absent from the list, this does not indicate that it is not of interest, or that it can be removed or altered without consent from us.

It is a common misconception that only the exterior of a building is protected. Protection extends to the interior of the property as well and can also extend to certain fixtures and so-called 'curtilage buildings' - any object or structure which is fixed to the building, or is within the curtilage and forms part of the land and has done so since before July 1948. This can sometimes include buildings now outside the current ownership such as barn conversions.

To submit an application for listed building consent, apply online at the Planning Portal or complete the form below:

Information required to be submitted for listed building consent:

  • National requirements (Part 1)
  • Local requirements (Part 2) - we are working on a Local List, please submit your application in accordance with national requirements

To process an application we need the information detailed in Part 1 above to be submitted with the application. The period for deciding the application cannot start until all the information has been received.

Please make sure you submit one original plus one copy  of the application form, together with one original plus one copy of the plans and supporting information. The fee information and notes are provided to help you.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download these documents. If you don't have it you can download Adobe Reader for free. If you are having problems opening any of the Adobe pdf files, please see our help page.


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