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Submitting an application

Last Modified September 09, 2014

Applying online saves the expense and hassle of traditional paper applications. You can apply online using the Planning Portal.


It is important that you provide accurate drawings with sufficient details to illustrate your proposal to us and the general public. These must be to a recognisable metric scale.

There are requirements for what must be submitted as part of a planning application. These are set out in the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Guidance on information requirements and validation.


There are a number of different forms for different types of development. It is important you choose the correct form and fully complete all sections relevant to you. Application forms are available online, but please check with us if you are not sure which form to use. Alternatively, you can download the relative planning application form and send it to us.


The fee should be paid at the time the application is submitted via - How to pay for your application

To find the cost of your application A guide to planning fees is available to download. You can calculate the fee of you planning application using the fee calculator available through the planning portal.


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