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Hertsmere's Mayor

Last Modified June 12, 2014

We have a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor every year, who are chosen by the leading political group of the council. Their term of office runs for the Municipal Year. Each Mayor chooses a charity/charities which they will raise money for during their year.

We welcome invitations from local organisations for our Mayor / Deputy Mayor to attend your events.

This year’s Mayor is Councillor Carey Keates, who was first elected to Hertsmere Borough Council in 1992 for Bushey St James Ward, which he still serves

Cllr Keates Mayor 2014-15 He was born and brought up in Kenya and spent 15 years working for one of London’s premier makers of fine sporting guns, before changing career, when he became a local estate agent, subsequently diversifying into various aspects of the property business, before retiring.

He came to Bushey in 1972 and is deeply involved in his own community, having been involved in the Bushey Festival, the Bushey Youth and Community Centre and the Reveley Almshouses Trust. He is chairman of Bushey Museum Trust, the Manor Field Trust and he is a founder member of the Bushey Forum.

He is married with two daughters and a step-daughter and four grandchildren. He and wife Shirley are keen travellers, particularly in Europe. He is an occasional golfer and a keen gardener and enjoys walking and spending time with his family.

His chosen charities are Kidney Research UK and Hertsmere Mencap. Both are causes which are personally close to him. He received a transplanted kidney from one of his daughters in 2010 and for seven years he ran a weekly evening club in Oxhey for adults with learning difficulties.

 This year's Deputy Mayor is Councillor Martin Worster.

Cllr Worster Deputy Mayor 2014-15He was raised in Islington, London and completed his formal education at Barnsbury School For Boys. On leaving school, his first two years were spent at the Co-Operative Insurance Society in Holborn. During this time his passion was learning about and dealing in antiques which were plentiful and not very fashionable to the home market in the 1960s. The appetite in the USA was much stronger which was recognised and supplied to this day by his company.

He married Pam in 1971. They have four children and five grandchildren. Their children were all educated in Hertfordshire schools. For the last forty years, they have enjoyed living in Hertfordshire and particularly Ridge since 1999.

He was first elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 and has served on various committees and is Vice-Chairman of the Planning Committee.

He enjoys gardening and travelling overseas often in pursuit of fine art and objects of virtue.

How to invite the Mayor to an event:

The Mayor is invited to hundreds of engagements every year. If you would like him to attend an event, please make a request as soon as possible.

The Mayor tries to fulfil as many engagements as he can, so may have to arrive at a later time than you would like or leave before the end of a function.

It is customary for the Mayor/Deputy Mayor to be greeted on arrival and the correct form of address is “The Worshipful, the Mayor/Deputy Mayor of the Borough of Hertsmere.”

If the Mayor cannot attend, the Deputy Mayor will be asked to go as the Mayor’s representative. Once your engagement has been accepted, you will receive confirmation.

If you would like the Mayor to attend an event, please write to: The Mayor’s Parlour at our main offices or email: mayors.secretary@hertsmere.gov.uk

For further help, please call the Mayor's Office 020 8207 7477.


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