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Local councillors, MPs and MEPs

Last Modified December 03, 2014

Councillors, MPs and Members of European Parliament are elected to represent you. But who are they?

Hertsmere Borough Council councillors

Hertsmere is divided into 15 wards and each ward has either two or three councillors. Councillors are elected to represent the area and help make decisions about local issues. Councillors are elected 'by thirds' for a period of four years. This means that a third of councillors get elected each year (one per ward), with no elections taking place in the fourth year.      

Find out who your Hertsmere borough councillor is, you can search by ward, name or party.

View the report of the Independent Remuneration Panel on Members' Allowances.

Other local councillors - Hertfordshire county councillors and town/parish councillors

In Hertsmere there are also county councillors and some areas have town/parish councillors.

You can find out who they are and other information via Hertfordshire County Council.

Electoral review of Hertfordshire

There is currently an electoral review of Hertfordshire. The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking for people across the area to comment on proposed new electoral arrangements for Hertfordshire County Council.

The draft recommendations propose new electoral divisions, division boundaries and division names across the county.

  • Do the proposed wards reflect local communities?
  • How do you think the proposal can be improved?
  • Are the names of the proposed electoral divisions right?


For more information, including interactive maps, visit the Local Government Boundary Commission for England website.

Your views make a difference. You can write to:

The Review Officer (Hertfordshire)
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
Layden House
76-86 Turnmill Street

Email: reviews@lgbce.org.uk
Follow them on Twitter: @LGBCE

Consultation closes on 3 November.


Members of Parliament (MPs)

Members of Parliament or MPs are elected in a general election, held every five years or so. Each MP serves in the House of Commons, representing their constituency.

Find out who your MP is by visiting the House of Commons website

Members of the European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament or MEPs are elected in a European election and serve for up to five years.

Further information on the European Parliament, including who your MEP is, can be obtained from the European Parliament website.


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