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Filming requests

Last Modified September 24, 2014

We welcome filming applications in our borough.

Please read our filming guidance, our code of practice and, if you want to film in our borough, complete an online application form at least seven working days in advance.

Our guidance is designed to help us work with you to consider all relevant matters in advance of filming.

Please note, all filmmakers are required to:

  • Read and agree to our Code of Practice prior to filming and, if filming is on our property, you will need to provide a copy of your public liability insurance, risk assessments and health and safety assessments. Please note: we charge for filming on our property.
  • Notify and/or seek permission from residents and businesses located within the immediate area of intended filming.
  • Notify and/or seek permission from other agencies affected by the filming.
  • Liaise with appropriate facilities management and health and safety staff regarding any filming activity that could have a potential risk to health and safety of third parties (for example, building occupants, visitors, neighbours).

Filming requests are coordinated by the Corporate Communications team who can be contacted on 020 8207 7417 or by email: corporate.communications@hertsmere.gov.uk for initial advice if required. However you will be required to complete the online form.

If you are looking for a place to film, or need help in organising a shoot, you could contact Creative England, a one-stop shop for locations, studios, facilities and crew providing free support to productions filming in England (outside of London).


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