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Democratic Services

Last Modified November 08, 2012

Our Democratic Services Unit looks after all the procedures around ensuring the democratic process is administered correctly and within the law.

What we do:

  • Give advice to councillors and officers about the formal decision-making process and the Overview and Scrutiny function.
  • Service council meetings, producing agendas, minutes and archive records.
  • Maintain and update our Constitution, supporting the interface between the various parts of the political structure.
  • Support the Mayor and councillors, providing a PA service for Executive Members.
  • Handle formal complaints.
  • Provide information for members of the public about councillors and our meeting.


What does the law say?

The key laws governing the work are:

  • The Local Government Act 1972, as amended by Access to Information Legislation 1985.
  • The Local Government and Housing Act 1989.
  • The Local Government Act 2000 and ensuing regulations.


Contact us

You can ring us on our number below or email: democratic.services@hertsmere.gov.uk 


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