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Attending Licensing Sub-Committee hearings

Last Modified November 28, 2012

You are welcome to attend a licensing sub-committee hearing, or have someone attend on your behalf, if you wish to object or support a licensing application. This is called making a representation.

If you make a representation, then you may speak at the hearing.

If you would like someone else to appear on your behalf, then you must tell us who it will be, and give a brief description of the point/s you wish to be made. The Chairman of the hearing will let you know if your representative will be allowed to speak.

Sometimes members of the public are excluded from hearings. If this happens then we will explain the reasons why.

If you want to withdraw any representation you have made, please tell us at least 24 hours before the hearing is due to be held. This way, if all parties are in agreement, the meeting can be cancelled. If this is not possible, then you can tell us at the hearing. 

Any representation must be made within the 28-day deadline, otherwise it will not be considered.


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