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Last Modified November 27, 2020

This website has been designed to be accessible and inclusive to as many people as possible.


BrowseAloud speech system is used on our website to provide reading support to our visitors. BrowseAloud reads

website content out loud, highlighting each word as it is spoken in a high quality, human-sounding voice.


Cascading style sheets are used for visual layout. Font sizes are set relatively so that the pages will increase or decrease with your browser settings.

The templates used for creating content on this site have been developed to conform to the WAI 'Double-A' standard.

You can find more about the standard by visiting the W3C website.


We have made every effort to ensure this web site is easily readable using 'plain English'. In addition, we have ensured that the design of this website is not an obstacle to its usability and readability.

Accessibility tests

Our web site templates have been tested by the Digital Accessibility Centre, recognised Web Accessibility experts.

Adobe Acrobat PDF documents

Many documents and reports within the site are published in PDF (Portable Document Format).

Viewers with visual difficulties may find it useful to investigate services that improve the accessibility of Acrobat documents.

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