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Last Modified October 19, 2015

Backdating a benefit claim

Information about backdating a claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support in Hertsmere

Benefit Cap

Find out about the Benefits Cap, what the cap is and whether it applies to you with the Benefits Cap Calculator, what benefits are included in the calculation and where to go for more information.

Change of circumstances

Details about reporting a change in circumstances when you are in receipt of Housing / Council Tax Benefit.

Hertfordshire Welfare Assistance Scheme

Information about the Hertfordshire Welfare Assistance Scheme (HWAS), what help is available and how to apply.

Housing and council tax benefit appeals

Details about Housing / Council Tax Benefit Appeals

Introducing Council Tax Support

Information about Council Tax Support, which replaced Council Tax Benefit from April 2013

Local Housing Allowance

Details about Housing Benefit for people renting from Private Landlords.

Making a claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Details on how to make a claim for housing benefit and council tax benefit.

National Fraud Initiative

Information on the National Fraud Initiative

Online access to details of benefit entitlement

Details on how you can view details of your benefit entitlement / payments online.

Overpayments of housing and council tax benefit

Details about Housing Benefit overpayments.

Report Fraud

Find out how to report Council Tax Support, Housing Benefit Fraud and non benefit fraud.

Under occupation in social housing

Details about the changes to Housing Benefit and the 'bedroom tax'.

Universal Credit

Find out about Universal Credit, who still needs to claim Housing Benefit and how to claim for Universal Credit.


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