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Online access to details of benefit entitlement

Last Modified November 30, 2015

If you have been awarded Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you can use our online facility to check:

  • how your entitlement has been calculated
  • what payments have been made
  • what payments are due to you


If you are liable for council tax you can also use this facility to check the balance of your Council Tax account. 

If you are a landlord you can use this facility to check what Housing Benefit payments you have received from your tenants since April 2010.


How do I register with you?

Please email us. You must ensure that you quote your benefit claim number or your landlord payee reference in the subject line of the email.

Landlords who are requesting this service on behalf of a business, a company or a housing association will need to use an email address registered to that organisation.

What happens once I have registered?

You will receive an email confirming registration and providing you with a user login ID. Your default password will then be sent to you separately by post.

When you have both your user login ID and your password, visit our Online Account. For added security, please change your default password as soon as you log in.

I have already registered:

Go straight to your Online Account.


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