It is your responsibility to report changes in circumstances. When you have been awarded benefit, it is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct information about your circumstances at all times.

You must tell us straight away about any changes in circumstances that happen to you, your partner, your dependent children or any other person who lives with you.

If you fail to do so you may lose out on benefit to which you are entitled to, or you may have to repay overpaid benefit .  

Changes you must tell us about include:

  • if you or your partner stop or start getting Income Support, Universal Credit, Jobseeker's Allowance, Tax Creditor any other state benefits
  • if you or your partner's state benefits, tax credits, Universal Credit or any other income increases or decreases
  • if you or your partner start or stop a job
  • if you or your partner's wages increase or decrease
  • if you or your partner's savings or investments increase or decrease
  • if the number of people living with you changes, such as a partner moving in
  • if any of your children leave school or full-time education
  • if you stop receiving Child Benefit or Child Tax Credit for a child
  • if you move home or your rent changes
  • if you have a child

This list is not exhaustive and you should tell us immediately about any other changes that you think may affect your entitlement. If in doubt about what you must tell us about, please ask us straight away.