Guidance for solicitors and conveyancers

There are several ways you can apply for local authority searches at Hertsmere.

The simplest way is to apply via our Public Access System (PALC). PALC provides a totally electronic official search service, connecting users directly to land and property information held by us.

You can create an account and submit and receive your searches electronically direct from the Local Land Charges Team.  If you do not have a debit/credit card, we can arrange for you to pay by BACS. Please email for our details prior to submitting the search.


If you have not used our Public Access System (PALC) before, we would advise reading the above guidance carefully before submitting a search. Please ensure plans do not exceed 4MB.

Component Data

We will be suspending requests for component data from 17 September 2020. This is due to the quality of records held by Hertfordshire Building Control and the amount of time it takes staff to successfully retrieve the data. Unfortunately this will affect all component questions as we are unable to switch them off individually.

If you would like replies to component data, please submit a full local authority search. Alternatively, please see Hertfordshire Building Control for more information.

Postal searches

Postal searches are currently suspended.

Other Land and Property Searches

The National Land Information Service (NLIS) provides a single point of electronic access to a variety of sources of land and property information, including every local authority in England and Wales, HMLR, water companies and other organisations that provide official sources of data. No other land and property data hub connects to every single local authority in England and Wales.


Highway searches

For more detailed Highways information; enhanced searches and highway extent plans, which is not part of the standard search service, please contact Hertfordshire Highways Land Charges direct or view Hertfordshire Highways to find a current list of their fees and charges.

Fees and Charges

Local Land Charges Fees for period 2021/22

Searches via PALC

LLC1 - £18 
Con29 - £74.40
Total Residential Search £92.40

LLC1 - £18 
Con29 Enquiries £146.40
Total Commercial Search £164.40

Searches via post/DX

We can only accept electronic search submissions via PALC at this time.


LLC1 £23 
Con29  £86.40
Total Residential Search £109.40

LLC1  £23
Con29 £152.40
Total Commercial Search £175.40

Personal Searches/View of the register

Inspection of the register is free but only upon inspection at the Council offices.

Alternatively you can view the Local Land Charges Register online via our Public Access System (PALC) for a small fee of £8

Additional fees and charges

Additional Parcel LLC1 £5
Additional Parcel CON29 £18

Q4-21  £12 ea
Q22  £26.40

Component data:  
Residential - 1.1a-3.13 £3.60
Commercial - 1.1a-3.13 £4.80

Copy Documents:   
Copy search (incl. LLC1 and view of the register) £10

Note: VAT is applicable on all non-statutory land charge fees from 4 July 2016 onwards. The fees and charges shown above are inclusive of VAT.

Cancellation policy

Unfortunately we are unable to cancel searches, or provide refunds, once requests have been accepted into our system.