How can you find your official address?


If you have just bought a property, or are new to the area, then you may not know what your official address is. Maybe your solicitor has been given the wrong address by the seller, or the developer has given them the marketing name instead of the official address.

Either way we are here to help. Our Official Address Database is known as the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG), and you can find your official address from the link below (which will also take you to a map).

Hertsmere Address Search

The Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) is a collection of addresses and location data created by a local authority which is uploaded to the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG).

All major bodies including the emergency services obtain their address data from the NLPG, so if you haven't registered your address, you may encounter difficulties; enroling on the electoral register, obtaining mail, deliveries and services from a variety of sources including being located by the emergency services, service connections by utilities companies, applying for a credit card (and your credit score), obtaining goods by mail order and even selling a property.

You can't find your address on our database

Hertsmere Address Search is updated with all new addresses from the LLPG once a month, so if your property is a new build, do not panic; it may not have been uploaded yet, or the developer may not have submitted a street naming and numbering application.

It is best to contact us just to be on the safe side.

Your address is on Royal Mail's Postcode Finder but you can't find it on our database

Royal Mail’s Postcode Finder is not an official address database, it is just a list of mail delivery points (letter boxes) which they deliver to.

If your address appears on their database, but not ours, then you should contact us immediately.

All street naming and numbering applications are processed in line with current addressing standards, so as much as we will try and accommodate your request for a certain address, it may not always be possible.

Hertsmere has statutory responsibilities and powers, within the context of adoptive legislation, to provide a number or name to a property, so should you decide to use a Royal Mail issued address instead of a council one then you do so at your own risk. Not only can using an unofficial, unregistered, address affect your credit score and your right to vote, but you will be liable for any costs or damages ie changing passports and driving licences, should we be required to change your address to comply with addressing standards.

Your address is different on different websites

"My address is correct on the Royal Mail website, wrong on my Land Registry Official Copies and wrong on the Ordnance Survey basemap" -  this is a very common problem and one we want to try and address.

If you have followed the official street naming and numbering process to register your property then you shouldn't experience any problems. However if you haven't registered your property because you didn't know you had to, or didn't like the address we issued, then you could find yourself in a spot of bother.  

No other organisation has statutory responsibilities or powers to name, number, rename or renumber a property, but occasionally Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey do add addresses to their database or basemap if they see a new property while they are out on the ground, and this is where anomolies occur.

Your official address is always the one held by us, so If your address is wrong on our database, but correct on Royal Mail and/or other websites then you are probably using the wrong address.

If your address is correct on our database and not on any others (Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey and Land Registry) then we can contact  them for you and get them to make the necessary amendments. Please note Google is not an address database, it is a search engine and collates its data from a number of sources, so unfortunately we are unable to assist with these queries. Please contact Google if you wish to change information

Your postcode is wrong

Hertsmere is responsible for creating addresses, Royal Mail are responsible for issuing postcodes. If there is an anomaly between our database and Royal Mail's, then please get in touch so we can investigate.

If you have an issue with the postcode issued by Royal Mail then you will need to report it to them.

For more information about the LLPG and the importance of addressing, please visit Geoplace

If you want to register an address, please visit our Street Naming and Numbering pages for more information and how to apply.