Searches largely consist of information from other departments and back office systems, so there are a number of factors which could delay the return of a search. For instance an officer going on leave, or a system going down.

So, what is affecting Hertsmere's turnaround time right now?

Current turnaround time

Due to high demand our current turnaround time for official searches is now in excess of 20 working days. Personal searches may take longer.

Official searches

Our priority service is currently suspended. However we do understand there will be extreme cases where the sale is about to fall through. If this does affect you, then please get in touch via email and we will do our best to return searches where we can.

Personal searches

We do not  offer an expedited service for personal searches. These requests will be processed in time and date order.

Planned System Maintenance

None to date.

Payment Issues

There have been reports from some Civica Payment customers that the system is generating errors at the payment stage.

The issue may be due to a 3D Secure authentication failure or a 3D Secure error. 3D Secure is a layer of security that your bank requires where you'll have to enter a password or SMS code to authorise payment. Occasionally there are problems with 3D Secure which cause debit and credit card payments to fail. Normally you only need to authorise a payment once, and it will automatically authenticate every payment going forward. An upgraded version 3D Secure 2 is soon to be activated which should hopefully remedy the issue.

In the meantime, Civica have implemented additional monitoring, but If you do get any errors, please report them to us immediately. As there have been no authorisation failures since Monday 7 September it is now safe to submit and pay for searches via the portal. There is no need to pay separately on Webpay.