Personal Searches

There are two ways to obtain this information. The first is to carry out an inspection of the register which is free under EIR and the second is to request a view of the register via our Public Access System (PALC)

  • Online View of Register - Public Access for Land Charges (PALC)

You can request a view of the register the same way you can an official search via our online portal  Public Access System. The system also allows you to order component data.

This is a supplementary service so there is a small fee. If you do not wish to pay for this service then please make an appointment to inspect the register which is free of charge.


View of the Register - £5.00

Component Data - Charges vary per department. This is because the amount of work involved in obtaining information from different departments varies.

As with official searches, please upload one copy of a current and up to date location plan showing the full extent of the area to be searched upon edged in red. We do not accept plot plans or floor plans.

Please do not input manual searches unless instructed to do so by the Local Authority. Our address gazetteer holds the official addresses for all the properties in Hertsmere, so much like ordering your shopping on line, if you enter the address you are looking for, the system will present you with a drop down/ look up so you can select the address you want. If the address you want is not listed, then it may be incorrect, or not in our authority, which means we will not be able to accept the search anyway. Therefore, if you enter a manual address the search will be rejected.

Please note that the gazetteer does not hold plot addresses or unofficial addresses ie first floor flat, you will need to search for the official address issued by the Council. If you aren't sure what that is then, please go to our Find My Official Address page where you will have access to a full database of address and a mapping system. Our maps are copyright so please do not snip or save these to submit with searches, they will not be accepted.

  •  Inspection of the Local Land Charges Register (EIR)

Inspections of the register are by appointment only. Should you wish to make an appointment, please follow our guidelines.

Turnaround times

Personal searches are generally processed within 7 working days, but do look out for emails from the team who will make you aware of system problems/maintenance and/or annual leave.

We do not accept urgent requests for personal searches / views of the register.  This service is reserved for customers paying for full Local Authority Searches only.


By choosing one of the above options you understand that a public authority’s duty under EIR is to provide access to environmental information only. The local authority is not required to provide the additional official search service of analysing information and/or guaranteeing the accuracy of CON29.

If a local authority is asked to analyse underlying information and/or guarantee the accuracy of CON29 searches then they are free to apply their official charges.

For further clarification, please see the ICO's Guidance - Property searches and the EIR