Personal Searches

You can either make an appointment to inspect the Local Land Charges Register at our offices, which is free under EIR (Environmental Information Regulations) or you can request to view our Local Land Charges Register online for a fee of £5.

Requesting an online view of the Local Land Charges Register

You can request a view of the register the same way you can an official search via our online portal. This is a supplementary service so there is a small fee of £5. If you do not wish to pay for this service then please make an appointment to inspect the register which is free of charge. Please read the guidance provided before requesting your view.

You will need to upload one copy of an up to date location plan showing the full extent of the area to be searched edge in red.  We do not accept plot plans or floor plans.

You are not permitted to take copies of the online view of our register. Legal action will be taken if you are found to be doing this.

Inspection of the Local Land Charges Register (EIR)

Inspections of the register are free however they by appointment only.  To make an appointment, please email us at for the next available slot.

Please provide: 

  • Name of the person or company that will be undertaking the search.
  • The official postal address of the land/property you wish to search
  • One copy of a plan (preferably an Ordnance Survey extract) showing the full extent of the area to be searched, edged in red.  Please ensure the plan clearly defines the boundaries of the area to be searched upon and any highways on which replies are sought.
  • There is limit of three addresses per appointment; per agent.

At your appointment slot: 

Check in at reception (at our Main Office) to see a Customer Service Advisor during the time slot you have been allocated (ie. Tuesday, anytime between 10am to 11.30am).  Please ensure that you are on time for your scheduled appointment.  Late arrival could result in us having to re-arrange the appointment.  This is due to the impact on other personal search appointments and customers.

A Customer Service Advisor will give you the information to view.  This view only information must be handed back to the Advisor when you have finished. 


It is strictly prohibited for you to photograph or scan the information provided to you at an appointment or to take copies of the online view of our register.  Further action may be taken should we discover information being copied without our permission.

Turnaround times

Personal searches are usually processed within seven to ten working days, but please check Local Authority Search Turnaround Time regularly for updates which could affect the service.

Please note that we do not accept urgent requests for personal searches / views of the register.  This service is reserved for customers paying for full Local Authority Searches only.  If you would like to request a full search, please go to Apply for a Local Authority Search


By choosing one of the above options you understand that a public authority’s duty under EIR is to provide access to environmental information only. 

The local authority is not required to provide the additional official search service of analysing information and/or guaranteeing the accuracy of the LLC1 If a local authority is asked to analyse underlying information and/or guarantee the accuracy of the LLC1 searches then they are free to apply their official charges.

For further clarification, please see the ICO's Guidance - Property searches and the EIR