How to classify your film

Films that are to be shown to a public audience must be given a classification rating.

If you're a film maker or promoter, you can apply to either:

Apply for a film classification

To apply for the classification or reclassification of a film to be shown in the borough of Hertsmere, you must make your request in writing at least 20 working days before the film is to be shown.

We can only guarantee a film will be classified in time for it to be screened if we receive the request 20 working days before it is due to be shown. 


You must:

  • complete the film classification application form;
  • provide a written synopsis of the film in your application;
  • provide a DVD copy of the film;
  • agree to us retaining the DVD.

DVD format

Your DVD must meet the following criteria:

  • it must play on a DVD player and contain all that you require classified
  • it can be submitted on DVD-R, DVD+R (single or dual layer) or replicated (factory pressed) check discs
  • it should be region two or region free (region 0). Both Pal or NTSC standards are accepted
  • it must be encoded at a high enough bit rate to ensure acceptable picture quality and sound quality
  • it must contain an on-screen title within the body of the work. If not, then a title slate or menu must be placed before the start of the work.

Applicants are advised to read the guidance (PDF, 201KB)  before submitting the application form.