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Animal Licensing Fees: Dog Day Care

Last Modified April 17, 2024

Animal Licensing fees come in 2 parts. The Application Fee must be submitted with your application paperwork and is non refundable if your application is refused. 

The initial application costs are for establishments for up to 50 dogs. Additional charges apply for over 50 dogs. 

If you run a Dog Day Care plus an additional activity i.e. kennels and wish to have 1 licence please view the page 'Combination of Activities'.

Application Fees
NEW APPLICATIONS  £259 An additional £51 for every 50 dogs 
RENEWAL APPLICATIONS   £212 An additional £51 for every 50 dogs 

Once an application has been processed an inspection will then be completed. Depending on the outcome of the inspection you will be granted a star rating with your licence. The star rating relates to the length of your licence.

Grant Fees
GRANT OF A LICENCE   £177  £273  £370
Total Licence Costs*
 NEW  £436 £532  -
 RENEWAL £389 £485   £582

* If your application is for more than 50 dogs there would be additional fees of £51 per additional 50 dogs. 

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