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Dog breeding licence

Last Modified October 19, 2015

You need a licence from us if you want to keep a dog breeding establishment. You will need a licence if you breed four or more litters in any 12 month period.

You can apply to us providing you are not disqualified under any of the following:

  • The Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963
  • The Breeding of Dogs Act 1973
  • The Pet Animals Act 1951
  • The Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1954
  • The Protection of Animals (Cruelty to Dogs) (Scotland) Act 1934

How much does it cost to apply?


  • £190.

How long does a licence last?


All licences expire on the 31 December of the year they were issued.

All licences need to be renewed before that date if you wish to continue running a dog breeding establishment.

What will I need to do?


You will need to demonstrate to us that:

  • the dogs will at all times be kept in accommodation that is suitable in respect of construction, size of quarters, number of occupants, exercising facilities, temperature, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness;
  • the dogs will be adequately supplied with suitable food, drink and bedding material, adequately exercised, and (so far as is necessary) visited at suitable intervals;
  • all reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent and control the spread amongst the dogs of infectious or contagious diseases, including the provision of isolation facilities;
  • appropriate steps will be taken for the protection of the dogs in case of fire or other emergency, including the provision of suitable and sufficient fire fighting equipment;
  • all appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that the dogs will be provided with suitable food drink and bedding material and adequately exercised when being transported to or from the breeding establishment.


Can you refuse a licence?

A licence may be refused, or withheld, if we do not feel the conditions are suitable.

Licences are issued subject to standard conditions that are imposed on all dog breeding establishments licensed by us but special conditions, only applicable to your premises, may also be imposed.

What if you refuse my licence?

You can appeal either against a refusal of licence, or any conditions attached to it. You need to appeal to a Magistrates' Court.

Can I be fined?

A number of offences and penalties apply under the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999.

If you are found to be keeping an unlicensed establishment, you may be subject to a fine and / or imprisonment.

If you are in breach of a licence then it may be cancelled and you may be disqualified from keeping a dog breeding establishment for as long as the courts see fit. You may also be disqualified from having further custody of any dogs.

Further information

A copy of the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999 can be viewed at our offices, along with our standard licence conditions, an application form and further help and advice.


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