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public information and complaints

Last Modified March 16, 2022


The regulation of Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Vehicles is a complex area of law. Although the drivers, operators and vehicles are licensed by the Council, the Council is not providing the service. When you book a private hire vehicle you are forming a private contract between you and the operator. You should ensure that your requirements are made clear to the operator and you should confirm the price or a quote, and how the price will be calculated. The private hire driver CAN NOT alter the agreement you made with the operator or charge you more. 

Hertsmere Borough Council's Licensing team has produced a guidance document that explains your rights and provides information to help residents and visitors to the Borough travel safely.



  Complaints about service

If you are unhappy with the service provided you should complain to the Operator in the first instance. If you are unhappy with the operators response you can complain to the Council. However, there are certain things that the Council cannot do - we cannot refund you, compensate you or apologise to you on an operator’s behalf and nor can we direct an operator to do so. If you have suffered damages or loss you may be able to take a civil action against the operator.  We can however prosecute an operator for a criminal offence committed or revoke a license if we are not satisfied of an Operators suitability. Complaints about service level could lead to these outcomes in certain instances.

Complaints about conduct

You should report all concerns about the conduct of a driver or operator to the Council. You can contact the licensing team directly by emailing: Licensing.Taxis@hertsmere.gov.uk

The guidance document explains how we investigate complaints and what information you will be expected to provide. 

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