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Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Fees

Last Modified April 03, 2024

From 1 April 2023 the fees for private hire and hackney carriage licences shall be:


Driver Fees
 1 Year (upon request)3 years 
New  £269 £372
Renewal  £175 £278
 Assessment Interview (knowledge Test/ID Check) £35 £35
Replacement of Badge  £25   £25
Temporary Badge £35 £35


Vehicle Licensing Fees

In respect to both private hire and hackney carriage Vehicles

New Vehicle   £248 
Renewal Vehicle      £248 
Age Policy exemption request     £35
Transfer  (Change of ownership of an existing licensed vehicle)        £55
Change of Plate number (where permissible at discretion of Council)   £30
Change of Vehicle Registration Number       £30
Replacement Plate    £30


Change of Vehicle

£248 less £11.00 for each month remaining on previous licence (see below). 

      Licences are granted in respect to a physical vehicle. The law does not allow the licence to be varied so as to relate to another vehicle. Where a proprietor wishes to cease using the vehicle they hold a licence for and instead use a new vehicle for licensed work they must apply for a new vehicle licence for the new vehicle. If they surrender the licence applicable to the old vehicle at the same time they will receive a refund of £11.00 for each unused calendar month remaining on the existing licence.  
Operator Fees
Number of Vehicles operated 5 Year Licence  Annual (on request)
1 Vehicle        £348     £272
2-5 Vehicles  £491  £348
6-10 Vehicles   £730   £444
10-20 Vehicles          £968         £539
21 Vehicles and above £1,047 £730


Miscellaneous fees
Appointment to assist completing application forms  £30 (max one hour). 

Administration charge if refund given following a refusal or surrender      

Copy of any licence                   £10 
Photocopy of any document requested that is held by the Council (subject to any relevant legal requirements)                    £10                

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