Street trading is the selling, or offering for sale, any article in the street. This includes food, such as burgers, kebabs, doughnuts, other things such as household items and includes those trading from a mobile vehicle, such as ice cream vans etc.

On 23 November 2022, we resolved to designate all streets in Hertsmere as being prohibited for street trading activities without our consent. From January 9 2023 any person engaging in street trading in the borough without consent will be committing a crime and liable to prosecution. Details on how to apply for a consent are set out below. 

Existing street traders

If you are currently a street trader in the borough you must make an application to us no later than 31 December 2022. Your application does not need to be complete by that date. Provided that you have indicated that you are trading within the borough by that date you can continue to trade whilst we work with you to complete the application. 

If we have no communication with you by the end of December 2022 and you trade after January 9 2023 you may be prosecuted. 

Applying for a street trading consent


The application form contains a check list of the documents you will need to provide.  A street trading guidance document to completing the application form is available. 

You can also view the fees payable for a street trading (PDF 485kb) consent.

Street Trading Policy 

Our street trading policy PDF 47kb can be downloaded and viewed.

Street Trading Locations

We do not have any pre-approved locations or pitches. It is the responsibility for any person wishing to street trade in the borough to find a location that falls within the requirements of our policy. Please note that some streets were previously prohibited and there is a presumption that these will still not meet the olicy requirements. You may with to familiarise yourself with this list of prohibited streets.