Addresses are a crucial part of our everyday lives yet they are something we often take for granted - online shopping, voting, getting places using maps, renewing our car tax; we just select the address we want from the dropdown and don't give it a second thought, but have you ever wondered who created the addresses you see or who to contact if there is an issue?

Some people assume Royal Mail are responsible for addressing but it is actually the responsibility of the local authority who create and maintain addresses as part of their street naming and numbering and LLPG processes.

The addresses we create at Hertsmere are combined with data from other sources; central government, Ordnance Survey (OS), Royal Mail, and the other 339 councils in England and Wales to create a single, definitive address database. The database known as AddressBase®  is available to the public and private sectors and through commercial licences to other sectors making it the nation’s most authoritative, current, and accurate data.

You can now access the this information , along with the UPRN and location of every property in England, Scotland and Wales can now be found below

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For more information about Geoplace and their role within the addressing community, please visit their website