You may have heard the word LLPG if you have made a Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) application, and that is because the LLPG is vital to the SNN process.

Local authorities have a statutory responsibility to name streets and number properties as part of the street naming and numbering (SNN) process. This information is combined with other information to produce the Local Land and Property Gazetteer known as the LLPG.

The LLPG is the database used to electronically capture property addresses, streets, and other addressable objects, in accordance with BS7666 standards. These standards refer specifically to those used for geographical referencing.

Authority updates are supplied from the LLPG by Hertsmere (and other address contributing authorities) to the GeoPlace GeoHub on a regular basis as part of the DCA Agreement. GeoPlace combine this information with other national data sources to produce the National Address Gazetteer infrastructure which in turn form the AddressBase range of products. These products are used by important services such as police and ambulance to locate properties. This is why good addressing is so important.

Hertsmere has produced a comprehensive SNN policy which outlines its commitment to delivering accurate and consistent address information. We have taken care to ensure that it complies with all relevant legislation, and taken into account the guidelines set out in GeoPlace DEC-Addresses v3.4 2016 which is an implementation British Standards, BS 7666.