Please note that if you have a complaint about the price increase from April 2024, you can make a complaint online

 We have around 1,800 lock up garages available to rent throughout the borough, the majority of which are in Borehamwood and Bushey.

We are currently dealing with a back log of applications, so please bear with us.

Do we have any garages available to rent?

Usually around 80 per cent of our garages are already let at any one time, and the majority of tenants keep their garages for many years so sometimes garages may not be available in the area you want. However, we do usually have some which are available, so it is worth getting in touch.

If there is not a garage available in the area you want then you can go on our waiting list.

How to request a garage repair 

How can you rent a garage?


Please be advised that only Hertsmere Borough Council residents are able to join the waiting list for a garage (this includes Borehamwood, Elstree, Shenley, Bushey, Radlett, Potters Bar and South Mimms)

How long will it take before your tenancy can start?

If you want a garage in an area where there is already a vacancy, or location is less important to you, we can usually offer you a garage within a few days of receiving your request. Otherwise you will be placed on a waiting list.

How much do they cost to rent?

It varies depending on location.  Please note that prices will be increasing from 1st April 2024.  There are two rates at either £66.67 + VAT per month (£80.00 incl.vat) and £83.33 + VAT per month (£100.00 incl.vat).  Please call us on 020 8207 7463 and let us know the locations you are interested in to confirm the relevant charge.

How will you have to pay?

Monthly, in advance, by direct debit, online go to and follow the link to 'online payments', PayPoint by obtaining a barcode, at the Post Office by using your barcode or at your bank by completing a bank giro credit slip with our bank details, Sort Code: 20-74-09, Account No: 90510726 and quote your account number.

Can you have more than one garage?

We only allow one garage per household.

What can you use the garage for?

For parking a motor vehicle only. Storage or commercial uses are not allowed.

There are garages near your house but they do not belong to the council.

Garages are also available to rent from housing associations and private landlords and you should approach them directly if you are interested.

How can you terminate your tenancy?

You will need to give us one months' notice in writing.

What do you do if you have a problem with your garage or you need it repaired?

Please call us on 020 8207 7463 or email so we can make the necessary arrangements for the work.

Will you be responsible for any repairs?

No, as long as it is as a result of normal wear and tear we will arrange all the repairs but if you fit additional locks or other security you will be responsible for this. We will also charge you for a new lock if you lose, or do not return, the keys at the end of the tenancy. We will also charge you for any damage caused by your own negligence or for clearing any rubbish you leave in the garage or on site.

What happens if you do not pay the rent?

If you do not pay the rent we will write to you advising that we will terminate your tenancy if you do not pay the rent arrears.

What will happen if you ignore this?

We will repossess the garage and charge you for the costs of changing the lock, storage or disposal of your belongings and any other costs we incur. If you do not pay these monies and the rent owing we will recover the debt through the Court process. This may result in you having to pay additional costs and interest on the amount you owe. You will not be eligible to rent another garage and any Court judgement may make it difficult for you to obtain other goods and services on credit.