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Apply for Street Naming and Numbering l Hertsmere Borough Council

Last Modified April 05, 2019

Who should apply for Street Naming and Numbering

Applications for Street Naming and Numbering services should be made by:

  • Individuals or organisations wishing to add a name to an existing numbered only property
  • Individuals or organisations wishing to rename an existing named property
  • Individuals or developers building new properties which includes new residential properties, commercial premises, industrial units and the like
  • Individuals or developers wishing to amend layouts for new developments that have already gone through the formal naming and numbering process
  • Individuals or developers undertaking conversions of existing properties which will result in the creation of new residential properties or business premises. This will include existing buildings which are sub-divided into flats or offices, barns converted into residences and the splitting of commercial units
  • Residents wishing to rename a street
  • Individuals and businesses seeking confirmation of an address

When should I apply?

It is important to apply for a postal address as early as possible, ideally, as soon as planning permission has been granted. Utility companies may be reluctant to connect services to properties that do not have official postal addresses, and it may be important to secure addresses for marketing and sales purposes. Obtaining a new postal address may involve naming new roads. This can take time to agree and can cause problems with sales if the process is not begun early enough.

How long will it take?

Street Naming and Numbering can be a lengthy one from receipt of application, through the consultation process to preparation and completion of approved schedules and location plans.

Unfortunately there is no option to push your application through, or mark it as urgent, so applicants should make contact at the earliest opportunity to avoid potential delays.

Make an application

Please read our Policy and Guidance Notes before making an application.

The Policy will give you a better understanding of the overall Street Naming and Numbering process along with details on legislation and naming and numbering methodology and criteria / good practice. The Guidance Notes offer advice specific to each application type, you will find an informative at the end of each type telling you which application to complete below.

Adding an Alias Name (numbered properties)

Change of House Name - Residential Property

Change of Business Address - Commercial Property

Naming and Numbering a New Development/New Build (Including Infill builds and conversions)

Payment will be requested after the details of your application has been approved. Payment can be made by card, using our secure online webpay system, or via BACS.

How much does it cost?

 Fees and Charges



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