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Street Naming and Numbering - make an application

Last Modified April 25, 2024

Who should make the application?

Applications for street naming and numbering services should be made by:

  • Individuals or organisations wishing to add a name to an existing numbered only property
  • Individuals or organisations wishing to rename an existing named property
  • Individuals or developers building new properties which includes new residential properties, commercial premises, industrial units and the like
  • Individuals or developers wishing to amend layouts for new developments that have already gone through the formal naming and numbering process
  • Individuals or developers undertaking conversions of existing properties which will result in the creation of new residential properties or business premises. This will include existing buildings which are sub-divided into flats or offices, barns converted into residences and the splitting of commercial units
  • Residents wishing to rename a street
  • Individuals and businesses seeking confirmation of an address

How long will it take?


Street naming and numbering lead times can vary.  The below are general guidelines. For more specific guidelines, please check with the officer dealing with your application

Changes to an existing address – although these applications are fairly straight forward to process, we  have an agreement in place with Royal Mail to run checks referred to as ‘Sector Search’ to ensure that  house names and street names do not duplicate that of any other in the Borough. Their turnaround time in respect of these requests is 7 working days. Applications of this type can therefore take 10 days plus to process, depending on how many searches we need to run.

New street naming and numbering schemes – these applications are more complex and should be submitted as soon as possible after formal planning consent and/or building regulation approval for the proposal has been granted. These can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.

How much will it cost?

Fees from 1 April 2024

Residential - new build

1 - 5 new addresses £125 per address

6 - 10 new addresses £115 per address

11+ new addresses £110 per address (first 11)

all subsequent over 11, £100 per address

*Developments requiring more than 100 postal addresses may be assessed on an individual basis.

Change of development layout after notification - new application fee as above

Reinstating postal address following demolition of property and construction of new £110

Conversion and Change of Use

Conversion of existing property into dwellings £300 plus £85 per dwelling/address

Change of use - residential/commercial £110

New Streets

Naming of a street(s) £330 per street

Residential Renaming and Numbering Existing Properties and Streets

Renaming/number existing street £550 plus £85 per dwelling/address

Renaming existing names property £100

Adding an alias name to a numbered property £100

Removal of alias name £55

Change of address (where policy permits) £100

Commercial Units

New Postal address for 1-4 units £220 per address

New Postal address for 5 or more £210 per address

Numbering/renumbering of a commercial unit £125

Naming/renaming of a commercial unit £125

Change of Business Name £110

Unnamed Access Road

Naming an exiting unnamed street or access road £610

Street Name Plates

Street Name Plates are made to the Council’s specification with a special coat of arms.  Please contact Engineering Services engineering.services@hertsmere.gov.uk for a quote or speak to the Local Land and Address Management Team.

Copies and other documents

Re Issue of Notice of Official Address and Location Plan £11

Fees include:

Official creation of new addresses and streets in the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) by a Council Officer; all checks and communication with Royal Mail (including storing of addresses and release of addresses); an official street naming and numbering schedule and plot to postal plan; email notification to all relevant bodies and services of new addresses (including emergency services and Royal Mail); and a Decision Notice on completion which should be kept with deeds. We will also initiate any discussions/consultations required with internal and external departments. 

Make payment

On receipt of your application a member of the team will carry out internal checks to ensure that it is valid. We will then request payment.






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