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Street naming and numbering

Last Modified April 07, 2016

Hertsmere Borough Council is the street naming and numbering authority for Hertsmere. It carries out these functions under the following provisions:

  • Naming of streets - Section 17 Public Health Act 1925
  • Alteration of street names - Section 18 Public Health Act 1925
  • Numbering and re-numbering of buildings - Sections 64 and 65 of the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847


We need to be contacted if:

  • a developer requires addresses for a new property or properties
  • a property owner wants to renumber or rename their property
  • a property owner wants to give their property a name


Developers and owners should be aware that naming and numbering is a vital process. Postal addresses must be registered in order to avoid confusion in the event of an emergency and in order to receive mail, deliveries and other services.

How to apply

To make an application, please complete the following form application form

For guidance, please download our Guidance Notes and our Policy Document.


Street naming and numbering policy January 2016

You should make sure that applications are submitted at least three months in advance of the property being occupied.

Applications can take anywhere between four to eight weeks to complete. This will allow time for the new address details to be sent to relevant organisations.


 Fees effective from 1 February 2016. Applications received after 1 February with incorrect fees will not be accepted.

 Street Naming and Number Fees and Charges

How to pay

You can now pay online by clicking on the 'Pay it Online' link to the left of this page or the 'Pay It' link at the top of the page. Please call us for a reference number before making payment.

Alternatively you can send a cheque for the full amount made payable to Hertsmere Borough Council.

Street name plates

 The Council is responsible for repair and maintenance of street name plates when this becomes necessary either due to accidental damage, vandalism or normal wear and tear.

To report damaged, missing or illegible street names plates please contact the councils Engineering Department:

Tel: 020 8207 7492

Email: engineering.services@hertsmere.gov.uk

In the case of a new development, the developer is required to provide and erect  the initial street name plates.  These are purchased to the Council's specification and the costs are covered by the developer.  They are then maintained by the Council once the road has been adopted. For specification details, please see Appendix B of our policy document

Contact us

You can contact the Street Naming and Numbering team by:

Telephone: 020 8207 7491

Email: Streetname.numbering@hertsmere.gov.uk

Post: Street Naming & Numbering/Local Land Charges Department, Civic Offices, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, WD6 1WA


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