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Last Modified November 23, 2017

Borehamwood is surrounded by stretches of attractive Green Belt countryside which separate it from the nearby towns and villages of Elstree, Bushey, Radlett and Shenley.

Originally a small rural hamlet, it was the construction of the Midland Railway and the opening of Elstree Station in 1868 that led to the expansion of Borehamwood. Manufacturing industry followed, particularly with the outbreak of war in 1914 and the construction of the Barnet bypass in 1927. The last period of significant growth occurred during the 1950s following Borehamwood's selection as a location for London overspill housing.

Borehamwood-High-StreetToday the town centre provides local shopping facilities for residents of the town itself and the surrounding villages as well as jobs in light industry, offices and shops. The film industry is also a major factor for the area. Borehamwood has been called the British Hollywood and the film industry has certainly played a leading role in the development of the town, providing employment and laying the foundations for economic growth.

Today Elstree Film Studios continues to attract major movie talent - the council owns the studios - and major blockbuster films continue to be made here, as well as popular TV programmes, such as Big Brother and Dancing on Ice.

The population of Borehamwood, according to most recent estimates, is approximately 32,000.


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