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Community Strategy

Last Modified September 21, 2017

Our Community Strategy has been developed by Hertsmere Together, the Local Strategic Partnership, in consultation with other service providers.

Many of the important issues facing Hertsmere, such as crime and disorder, healthy lifestyles and deprivation are problems that cannot be tackled fully by one single organisation. The Community Strategy was developed as a framework to enable local organisations to work together to address these issues more effectively and efficiently. Partnership working can take many forms, such as the increased co-ordination of services, sharing of resources and additional projects.

Hertsmere Together's Community Strategy aims to:  

  • provide a long-term vision for the future of Hertsmere
  • provide a means of joining-up local services and improving partnership working
  • reflect Hertsmere's needs and aspirations
  • identify gaps in the provision of local services
  • provide a means of tackling difficult issues
  • provide a means of identifying resources to address the needs of Hertsmere


Download a copy of Hertsmere Together's Community Strategy 2017-2021.


Read our latest information about projects in the community:


Please contact us if you would like a hard copy of any of the publications. 


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