The Hertfordshire Victim Care Centre provides an innovative new arrangement with Victim Support, working directly alongside the Constabulary’s Victim Service Team.

Operating out of a single hub, the new service offers a complete ‘wrap-around’ provision for victims, with vulnerable or repeat victims being identified early on for an enhanced care package.

Importantly, this service will be available free to all victims of crime, including those who have decided not to report the matter to police, or who have changed their mind about needing support and choose to make contact in the weeks or months after the incident.

Commissioning victims’ services in Hertfordshire is the responsibility of Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Visit the Beacon website for information and advice to access support.

The hotline 0300 011 55 55 is open daily from 7am to 10pm for victims to contact the centre direct. (Victims who report crimes committed against them to police will automatically be contacted by the centre and will not need to call).

Victims of fraud in the county should continue to report their crime to Action Fraud at or on 0300 123 2040, however they too can access support services by contacting Beacon direct.