How can I join?

If you would like to join a watch scheme, you can:

Neighbourhood Watch 

Neighbourhood Watch is a great way to keep your home and your community safe. If you join Neighbourhood Watch you will receive regular updates and alerts from your Safer Neighbourhood Team via email, or by telephone if preferred, using Hertfordshire’s Online Watch Link (OWL) communication system.

The messages will provide you with crime prevention advice and information about how you can help the police, for example by looking out for stolen property or helping find missing people. You will also receive invitations to local events.

Other schemes you can join

CCTV Watch

If you have CCTV or a video doorbell with recording (located at the address you're providing below) and would like to help the police with local investigations by providing access to recordings if asked, join CCTV Watch and your camera will be privately logged on OWL. 

Shop Watch 

To hear about incidents and scams impacting businesses, join using your business postal address. 

Horse Watch

For horse and pony owners, riders, and anyone who works with them. 

Business Watch 

To hear about incidents and scams impacting retailers, join using your business postal address.

Senior Watch 

Senior Watch seeks the help of caring local people and involves them sharing information and advice to help keep our senior residents safe. This scheme is for our senior residents, anyone who has older neighbours or relatives and those who care for or work with elderly people. By signing up to Senior Watch, you will receive messages from the local policing team containing information and advice for you to share with your elderly family member, neighbour or friend. To sign up to receive Senior Watch messages, please visit the OWL website.

Dog Watch 

This scheme shares occasional messages relating to canine crime and the well-being of dogs in your area.

Rural Watch 

For anyone living or working in rural areas. 

Horse Watch 

For horse and pony owners, riders, and anyone who works with them. 

Allotment Watch 

If you're one of the UK's 300,000 allotment plot holders. 

Canal Watch 

For people who live, work or relax on or next to canals. 

Heritage Watch 

If you live or work at or close to an historic site or building.