Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch encourages neighbours to get together, share information and prevent crime in their local community.

Register for Online Watch Link (OWL) alerts about crime & local issues happening right now in your area. It helps prevent burglary, finds missing people, makes people feel safer, and even catches suspects.

Pub Watch

Representatives from pubs meet regularly to discuss problems or incidents that have happened on a licensed premise. The network is also used to share information about anyone banned from a licensed premise in the area and is a scheme is supported by the police and council.

Shop Watch

Shops in this scheme are given a radio and are able to communicate with other shop owners, the police and the CCTV control room, so that they can report crimes taking place, suspicious behaviour or share intelligence.

Horse Watch

This scheme builds links with stables and the police to increase the reporting of crimes relating to equestrianism and share intelligence.

Business Watch

Business Watch Scheme offers businesses a way to stay updated and alert of any issues that are
going on in the local area such as scams and criminal activity

Senior Watch

Senior Watch seeks the help of caring local people and involves them sharing information and advice to help keep our senior residents safe. This scheme is for our senior residents, anyone who has older neighbours or relatives and those who care for or work with elderly people. By signing up to Senior Watch, you will receive messages from the local policing team containing information and advice for you to share with your elderly family member, neighbour or friend. To sign up to receive Senior Watch messages, please visit the OWL website.

Dog Watch

This scheme encourages residents who walk their pets to report any suspicious behaviour they may see while out and about.

Hertsmere Borough Watch Association (HBWA)

HBWA is a voluntary association which represents neighbourhood watches within the borough and at a county level. HBWA provides home security equipment at a reduced rate and arranges neighbourhood watch socials and an annual conference.

How can I join?

If you would like more information about any of these watch schemes please contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 or