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Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults - What To Do?

Last Modified April 13, 2023



This page provides information to members of the public who may come across children or adults at risk of abuse.

Abuse can take a variety of forms including domestic abuse, emotional abuse, exposure to extremism, financial abuse, modern slavery, neglect and physical and sexual abuse.

If a child or adult is in immediate danger or a crime is being committed, dial 999 for the police.

If you are concerned that abuse could be taking place but there is no immediate danger, please call or visit: 

  • To report concerns about a child: Please call Children’s Services at Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 123 4043
  • To report concerns about an adult:  Please call Adult safeguarding at Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 123 4042 or complete the concerns form.
  • To report concerns about a potential victim of Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking:  Please call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121 700 or complete the report form.
  • For mental health referrals: Please call Single Point of access on 0800 6444 101



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Useful contacts at Hertsmere Borough Council: 

This email should not be used for urgent queries and we will respond to you within 48 hours Monday to Friday.


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