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Emergency plans

Last Modified September 02, 2016

Our emergency plan outlines:

  • How we will respond to an emergency
  • Plan activation
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Welfare
  • Communications
  • Incident control centre procedures
  • Resources
  • Reception centre information, and
  • How we will recover from an incident.

Risk information

We carry out risk assessments, which are used to create a risk profile for the county and form the Community Risk Register. 

Risk assessments help us to identify and plan for new or changing threats. The types of risk that interest local emergency planners:

  • Transport infrastructure i.e. road and rail
  • Areas with large numbers of people such as town centres and shopping centres
  • Severe weather such as storms, snow and flooding
  • Key sites


Hertsmere is not prone to serious flooding. However, weather conditions are monitored and if flood risk conditions develop we receive an advance warning from the Environment Agency and/or the Met Office. Flood warnings and severe weather warnings can be viewed on the Environment Agency and Met Office websites.

You can register with the Environment Agency to receive flood warnings via their Floodline Warnings Direct service. Call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or visit the Environment Agency website

To find out if you could be living in a flood risk area, follow the link to the latest information on the Environment Agency's website. If you are shown to be at risk of flooding, make sure you are up to date with the latest flood advice from Floodline (0845 988 1188) or visit the Environment Agency website.


You are responsible for protecting your property. We do have a limited number of sandbags for people living in Hertsmere to protect their homes. However, if your property is at a high risk of flooding, we recommend you keep some empty sandbags and sand or earth ready for use at the first sign of trouble.


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