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Resilience in emergencies

Last Modified May 14, 2019

Hertsmere is a safe place to live, but occasionally incidents take place that effect local residents and our workforce. When they do, many different organisations may be involved in the response.

It is crucial that these organisations have planned and co-ordinated responses to provide a seamless effort to manage the incident and reduce its impact on the borough.

We co-ordinate our plans with Hertfordshire Resilience Forum, the county's emergency planning partnership.

Our emergency planning team respond to external incidents or emergencies, which threaten serious damage to human welfare or environment. Internal incidents are events or situations which disrupt how we manage our day-to-day business and are managed by business continuity planning.

Our emergency planning team involves key officers with a variety of technical and professional skills. We also have staff volunteers to help during a major incident, for example by staffing a rest centre, working within our control centre or supporting key officers on scene. All our volunteers are trained and regularly attend exercises, which are opportunities to test or refresh their skills and our plans.

Use these pages for advice and guidance on emergency planning, business continuity planning and how to help yourself prepare and cope with incidents you may be affected by.

Emergency planning

Business continuity

How to help yourself

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