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Youth Provision

Last Modified May 14, 2019

We provide year round, targeted youth provision for ages nine to 19 with a focus on improving their chances of success and raising aspirations in the most deprived areas of Hertsmere.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to youth issues as they emerge, and always endeavour to provide support in some capacity.

We work in partnership with various organisations to develop and deliver projects that young people will enjoy and choose to commit to; where they can have fun, social interaction and develop a range of life skills.

Us Girls

Friday night,  Borehamwood 7pm to 9pm for ages 10 to 16. EXCLUSIVELY for girls!

VENUE: Hertswood Academy, Upper Site, Thrift Farm Lane, Borehamwood, WD6 1TS

A collaboration between Hertsmere Borough Council, Child UK, Us Girls and 21st Century Female.

Us Girls classes combine dance and fitness with tutorials in fashion, styling, hair and make-up to motivate, build confidence and inspire females to achieve.

A creative journey in to the world of dance and fashion helping you to bring out your individuality and personal style. It’s a very social and laid back atmosphere and you can join in with whichever elements you choose. Learn dance routines to your favourite music and discover how to create the latest make-up, hair and fashion looks.

It’s completely free to attend! To find out more or book a place email: corina@corinabest.com or text/call 07832 205787


Thursday Night, Potters Bar 5pm to 7pm for ages 14 to 18. Exclusively for Females.Vivid-Beauty-poster

VENUE: Mount Grace School Dance Studio, Quakers lane, Potters Bar EN6 1RN

A collaboration between Hertsmere Borough Council and 21st Century Female, this project is funded by the We Move, She Moves Campaign to get more women and girls moving in Hertsmere.

Vivid is a trendsetting lifestyle brand using dance, fitness, fashion and beauty to motivate, build genuine confidence, and inspire young females to succeed.

The class is structured with the first hour including dance and fitness and the second hour exploring the meaning of personal style and developing this through discussion along with fashion and beauty tasks. The classes incorporate this blend of activities as they are channels of communication and self-expression that young females can relate to, respect and be inspired by growing up in a 21st century setting.

There is a focus on building self-esteem and confidence, unity amongst females, learning to think independently and gaining an understanding of self through FUN, CHALLENGE and CREATIVITY.

It’s completely free to attend! To find out more or book a place email: corina@corinabest.com or text/call 07832 205787


Funky Friends Youth Club

Friday Night, Maxwell Park Community Centre, Maxwell Road, Borehamwood WD6 1JJ. 7.30pm to 8.30pm for ages seven to 12

Free to attend.

We provide part-funding and support to the Funky Friends Youth Club, set up and run by mums from the Borehamwood area. The youth group is for seven to 12 year olds, so they can meet and play games with other children.

To find out more or book a place contact Anna Coleshill, Secretary by email to: admin@funkyfriends.org or visit the Funky Friends website.


Wayside Youth Club

More information to follow.


Child UK Friday Night Multi-Sports


Friday night, Boreham Wood FC, Broughinge Road, Borehamwood, WD6 5AL. 8.30-10.30pm for ages 14-25

Free to attend

These sessions are mainly football plus a mixture of dodge ball, handball and pop up tennis  based on what the young people choose each week.

For more information telephone:  01707 269898. Email: Chris: c.sherlock@child.uk.net or Steve: s.tweddle@child.uk.net or visit the website www.child.uk.net

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