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Youth research

Last Modified May 14, 2019

We regularly carry out local research on youth related issues. The aim is to continually develop our knowledge of the environment we are operating in and increase our understanding of the young people we are working to provide services for.

Our research style is intuitive and progressive. We look to really get inside the problems and analyse them from new viewpoints. We build new research projects each year based on further developing a point of understanding from the previous year. 

YOPEY Awards 2011










“Let’s Get Social" - 2015/16

We are currently researching technology and social media in relation to young people and youth work.

How is technology and social media affecting the way young people interact with and view the world? What are the implications of the information age on the effective engagement of young people through the delivery of youth services? Is it necessary for youth services to ‘get social’ in order to serve the new generation of youth in the most efficient, effective and relevant way?

For more information please contact Corina Best on 020 8207 7801 or email: corina.best@hertsmere.gov.uk

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