The government announced measures to help protect households from rising energy costs on 3 February 2022. Two of the measures are covered in this page:

  • £150 rebate to all households in England whose primary residence is valued in council tax bands A- D.
  • A discretionary scheme to allow us to support households who may need further assistance or who are not entitled to the £150 rebate.

£150 rebate


This is a payment of £150 that will be made to the Council Tax payer (or an occupant where the property is exempt) which meets the following criteria:

  1. The property is valued at bands A – D. This includes properties valued in Band E but has an alternative valuation band of Band D, as a result of the disabled band reduction scheme.
  2. It is the main or sole residence
  3. It is a chargeable dwelling. This means, where the property is exempt from a council tax charge, there is no entitlement to the payment with the exception of:
  • Class N – Occupied by Students
  • Class S – Occupied by Under 18s
  • Class U - Severely Mentally Impaired
  • Class W – Granny Annexe


Whoever is occupying the property in the evening of 1 April 2022 is eligible to receive the payment.

Those who receive full support from Council Tax Support will receive the payment as well as the Council Tax Support.

If a payment is made based on incorrect information, we will take steps to recover this money.

When will payments be made?

If you paid your council tax by direct debit in April, you should have received your £150 energy rebate. If you did pay your direct debit in April but have not received your payment, we will write to you in the first week of May, inviting you to complete our short form.  If you pay your first instalment of the current financial year by direct debit in May, we will pay you the rebate by the end of May.

If you do not pay your council tax by direct debit, we will need your bank details and we will need to verify that the details are correct before awarding the rebate.

This means you will need to complete an online form and provide us with evidence of your bank details. We will carry out some pre-payment checks before awarding this. 

Please allow at least 10 working days before chasing up applications. 


What if I am overdrawn?

Households can exercise their right of appropriation on the £150 payment, so the bank does not use it to reduce an overdraft. You can access the following sample letter to provide to the bank.

Can my rebate be paid to a third party?

In exceptional circumstances, we can pay a nominated third party though we will carry out a number of pre-payment checks before making this payment.

Can the payment not be used to automatically credit the Council Tax account?

We can credit the Council Tax account rather than sending a payment but this will not be done automatically. Our default is to pay you the £150 payment. However, we can do this if you request this. 

If you do request this option, the money does not have to be posted against this year’s council tax account and can be used against a previous year's arrears, as well.

We will also credit the council tax account with the £150 payment if we are unable to verify your bank details.

I live in a HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) will I be eligible?

Residents of HMO have no council tax liability and are therefore not eligible for this payment.

Discretionary Fund

The discretionary scheme has been created to assist those who do not qualify for the £150 rebate but require additional support to help pay their energy bills. We also will be in a position to provide carefully targeted “top up” payments to those with exceptional need who have received the rebate (though due to the level of funding, this will only be in the most extreme circumstances).

We are in the process of developing a policy for this fund. Once agreed, a form will be made available on our website. We recommend that you sign up for our Council Tax alerts so you know when the form will be available. 

All payments from the discretionary fund must be made by 30 November 2022.