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Organising an event

Last Modified January 21, 2020

An older couple dance togetherEvent Notification form (149 Kb)

The following guides will help you plan your event:


If you are organising a public event, you need to contact us. We are part of a Safety Advisory Team (SAT) who help make sure your event complies with the law and is run safely.

The team consists of officers from this council, Hertfordshire Constabulary, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, East of England Ambulance Service, Hertfordshire Highways, Hertfordshire County Council and the Health and Safety Executive. We need to know when and what events are due to take place in Hertsmere, to ensure community safety during the event.

Please complete our form and return it. You may be asked to attend a meeting to discuss your proposed event in more detail.

If your event includes alcohol or has regulated entertainment you will need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN), or a Premise Licence.

If your event is a street party, there is useful information below or see Hertfordshire County Council's information.

If you are organising an event celebrating Bonfire Night see guidance from the government.

Fire Safety Information

Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue have produced a document on Fire Safety Advice and your Responsibilities.

Are you carrying out an event or have a venue that is open air then please visit Open Air Events and Venues.

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